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Semantic Analysis in Language Technology (Spring 2016)

SAIS: Semantisk Analys i Språkteknologi 

Credits: 7,5 hp
Syllabus: 5LN456
Teacher: Marina Santini, santinim AT stp.lingfil.uu.se


Schedule and List of Topics

Last Updated: 22 March 2016

Jan, 18
Lec 01
Introduction to the Course

Semantics and Computational Semantics
(Pdf, Slideshare)

Ass1 (Group)
Glossary creation: Terms & Definitions
Deadline: 16 March 2016
Stone (In Press)
Jan, 20
Lec 02
Semantic Role Labelling/
Predicate-Argument Structure
(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)

Ass2 (Individual). Deadline: 13 March
- J&M (2015): Ch 22
See also Saeed (2009):
-- Sections: 6.1 - 6.7
-- Sec: 9.4.2 Thematic roles and linking rules
Jan, 27
Lec 03
Sentiment Analysis
(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)

Ass3 (Individual). Deadline: 20 March
- J&M (2015): Ch 21
- Liu (2012)
Feb, 1
Lec 04
Word Senses
(Pdf, Slideshare,
Act1: SelRs, Act2: WSs)
- J&M (2015): Ch 18: 18.1-18-3
- J&M (2015): Ch 22: 22.7, Sel. Restrictions
- See also Saeed (2009): 3.1-3.5
Feb, 3
Lec 05
Word Sense Disambiguation
(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
- J&M (2015): Ch 18: 18.4-18.10
Feb, 8
Lec 06
Vector Semantics
(aka Distributional Semantics)

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
J&M (2015): Ch 19: up to 19.4 incl.
Feb, 15
Lec 07
Information Extraction (I):
Named Entity Recognition

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
J&M (2015): Ch 20: up to 20.1.3 incl.
Feb, 17
Lec 08
Question Answering

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
J&M (2015): Ch 28
Feb, 24
Lec 09
Information Extraction (II)
Extracting Relations

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
J&M (2015): Ch 20
Feb, 29
Lec 10

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
J&M (2009(!)
Mar, 2
Lec 11
Ontology and the Semantic Web

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
Harrocks (2008)
Mar, 7
Lec 12
Semantic Word Clouds

(Pdf, Slideshare, Activity)
Barth et al. (2014)
Mar, 9
Lec 13
Presentations (I): Opening
- Gr 1 (pdf) * will peer-review Gr 5
- Gr 3 (pdf) * will peer-review Gr 4
- Gr 6 (pdf) will peer-review Gr 2, ok
- Gr 7 (pdf) * will peer-review Gr 6
Ass1: Glossary Creation (I)
Mar, 16
Lec 14
Presentations (II): Wrapping-Up
- Gr 2 (pdf) will peer-review Gr 1, ok
- Gr 4 (pdf) will peer-review Gr 3, ok
- Gr 5 (pdf) * will peer-review Gr 7
Ass1: Glossary Creation (II)

Intended learning outcomes

In order to pass the course the student is required to describe systems for the following tasks, apply such systems to linguistic data and evaluate the outcome:

Attendance, Examination and Grading Criteria

There is a mandatory 80% attendance requirement for the lectures that will take place at the Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, Room 9-2043 (Chomsky). If a student fails to fulfill this requirement, additional assignments will have to be completed prior to passing the course. The choice of the topics for the additional assignments will relate to the missed lectures. A student is also entitled to repeat the course, depending on available capacity. The course is examined by means of:

-- practical activities to be completed in class;
-- three home assignments to be submitted by the due date.

Practical activities are not graded.
Assignments: The submission of each of the three home assignments is mondatory.

Home assignments are graded and the following marks will be used:
-- Underkänd (U) [Fail]
-- Godkänt (G) [Pass]
-- Väl Godkänt (VG) [Distinction]

In order to pass the course, three G are required + the completion of practical activities. In order to pass the course with distinction (VG), a student must pass at least two home assignments with distinction (VG).

Home Assignments - Topics

  1. Group Assignment: Glossary Creation
  2. Individual Assignment - Semantic Role Labelling / Predicate-Argument Structure
  3. Individual Assignment - Sentiment Analysis

Reference List (Required Reading)


-- C. Manning: Precision, Recall,and the F measure (Video, Slides)
-- Formulas
-- More on the evaluation of SRL (Ass2)